I am a Master hairstylist and Color artist with over 20 years experience. I recently relocated from Nashville, Tn and love the relaxed atmospere here in Charlotte County Fl.  I believe each guest deserves to be heard as well as educated to achieve the best experience possible. Many times I have had a guest come in that did not receive the look  that was desired, do to communication error from a previous experience. I promise to listen and help guide you to customize your vision with complete honesty. My goal is send you home with a style

you love and can easily recreate.




A little about myself: I am a mother of 3 awesome kids!

 At 24 and 23 years old Erik and Brianna are hard working and

independent adults of which I am so proud.

 My husband Tyler is the love of my life and my best friend! We have an

adorable little boy Jason that is  3 years old!  He is very active and independent too! We enjoy spending time together on the weekends at the beach and race track  or just having lazy pajama days watching Nascar at home with Jase!